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The Unforgivable Story

If you didn't read the previous post, it's utterly important you do so for the rest of this story to make sense.

Airman XXXXXX calls and is trying to not make eye contact with me as he tells me this story (he was a FaceTime only kind of guy, and that's how you know it isn't going to work). He starts the story by telling me that he was hanging out with his friends and they were drinking, but to his surprise she showed up. She had a friend with her, and that's who Airman XXXXXX was flirting with, but of course she got mad at the situation and became overly infatuated with him. He said he could see right through it, but what he really meant was "I was thinking with something other than my brain and figured 'eh why not?'" because next thing I know, Airman XXXXXX is telling me he was back in her room with the lights off.

He told me shyly, and I was confused why because he already knew I was upset with him about his choices. When he told me what happened next, I understood why.

Turns out, they were both pouring heavy that night and both decided to go forth with what I would have argued as the second biggest mistake of his life (the first is yet to be revealed). The next morning, when they woke up next to each other, she said "You took advantage of a situation and went farther than I wanted" (which is the PG version of what she really said). Airman XXXXXX broke down in tears, and said that wasn't the case and he'd never do that to someone and was apologizing profusely (for nothing in my opinion).

I know it sounds harsh, but as the story develops it's clear that's not how she felt and that it was a game. It's also no secret anymore that I once had consent taken from me, in a situation where I really didn't have a choice. It was an unlikely situation where the abusers (yes, more than one) told me it was in my head. She held onto something where the guy truly did love her, and wanted to only give her that love, and she played off of it in a negative way. Not to mention, she also took away from people who have been through those situations.

Anyway, at this point Airman XXXXXX told me that he was done with her, that was the final straw, and that everyone has said the same thing I was - it was a game and she had no right to play that dirty. Except, when he told me he had a girlfriend guess who it was?

When I say I lost it, I truly lost it. I never thought that someone could take advantage of not only someone, but a situation like that to work it to later benefit them. I wish I could say that was the end of the whole debacle, but then that just wouldn't align with my life would it?

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