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That's My Life

It was now the second week of November, and I was starting to feel like a brand new person. I had finally gotten Andrew's number, that firefighter that blew me off to go to Italy slid into my DMs, and it was finally time to become a new me to match this feeling I had with a new haircut and color.

My mom had been referred to a hairstylist by a coworker who had been going to the hairstylist for years, and when my mom went she fell in love with the way her hair came out which convinced me to go to this new hairstylist. When I went, the beginning was filled with small talk that felt awkward and a little forced. Ms. A started talking to me about the pandemic and the election (both topics I wanted to avoid), and when I brought up that I was a teacher, she started talking about how her 3 year old step-granddaughter went to Faith Lutheran and how she helped raise her step-granddaughter because her step-daughter was a single mom. At this point, I was like "There are probably at least 4 single mom's who have three year olds at Faith Lutheran".

But then, Ms. A told me that she wasn't going to cook a lot for the holidays because her and her husband just bought a house and moved into it so that her step-daughter and step-granddaughter could live alone in their condo. And let me explain why my suspicions continued to grow: 1. Airman XXXXXX's younger sister is a single mom of a three year old 2. Airman XXXXXX's niece goes to Faith Lutheran 3. Airman XXXXXX's sister had to move in with her dad in a condo because she was living with her mom who bailed on them. So the coincidences continued to grow and they didn't stop there.

Ms. A's step-daughter was applying to nursing school, but didn't get in so now she's working and studying to get into PA school... which was the case with Airman XXXXXX's sister. At this point, I knew that there was no way that this wasn't Airman XXXXXX's stepmom.. but there's the .01% it wasn't. Slyly, I asked "Is it just your stepdaughter? Or does your husband have any other kids?". Ms. A said "No, he also has a son who is 25 and in the military doing something with bombs. He actually just got married."

Just. Got. Married.

"I know them," I said before she could continue breaking my new found confidence. "Your stepson's name is XXXXXX." Ms. A stood there looking at me, and if she didn't have a mask on, I bet her mouth would be open in plain shock. She repeated his name, and I said yes and started telling these small details only someone who would know the family really know about. She asked me how I knew him, told her the story, and she apologized on his behalf. I still had an hour and a half to go before my hair was close to being done.

Somehow, Airman XXXXXX and his NEW WIFE came back up and here's the ultimate kicker: "Ya he just got married so they could stay at the same base together. I guess they've been dating for six months but we won't get to meet her until they come home for Christmas." I sat in the chair like David in this GIF trying to fight the urge, but I wasn't fighting that hard because next thing I know I'm saying "They haven't been together for six months. In September, he was telling me how he couldn't wait to see me when he got home, and it was only two weeks after that they he told me they were dating. They've known each other for that long, but not dating that long." I felt bad because afterwards Ms. A said "Well I don't know anything about that, I just get the information from his sister." I just crushed this woman's faith in her stepson's choices, who she told me she was relatively close with. That was super.

And to make it worse, I started talking about why I didn't like his wife. I just couldn't shut up. I finally had the opportunity to just be the nice girl mom's would love, but I endlessly babbled and tried to fix it with "But if he's happy, I truly am happy for him". I don't feel that bad though, because at one point Ms. A said "Well, we'll see if they're really happily married and together still in 5 years. That's a long time from now."

The worst part is though, I liked the haircut.

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