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Love That for Me

So now I'm heartbroken over a guy who couldn't last more than 5 minutes (not even a personal jab at the guy, but it's so painfully true he even said "I don't last long in bed"), just looking for comfort from a close friend; which surprisingly Airman XXXXXX (the first one) gave me for a couple of week.

He talked to me on the phone when I called, and even grew into it so much he'd say "I love you" before hanging up (even if he meant it as just a friend). I was happy with the growth that we made as friends, and was happy to have him stand by me as I worked through an unbearable heartbreak. Except, he started to disappear on me too.

At first I thought he was just busy. Maybe he failed a test and was upset about having to retake it. He shuts down when he fails at situations he's passionate about, but when I asked about it he left me on read.

Now if you know me at all, this is not the move. I already have a knack for problems with self control, and mix that with abandonment issues - you've got one pretty strong reaction cocktail. So, I persisted. One day he was there, and the next he wasn't and we had come too far to not be able to talk like the adults we are.

When I finally confronted him about not talking to me, Airman XXXXXX's only response was "Sorry, I have a gf now". Now I have made this face of this GIF twice - because it wasn't but a week before that he was telling me how he couldn't wait to see me when he got home. This wouldn't be a problem, I've been friends with guys who have girlfriends and it's been fine (for the most part). Except, when I found out who it was, I undoubtably went from 0 - 1000 but for all the right reasons.

Here's the thing, when Airman XXXXXX moved to Florida for his new base he made a bunch of new friends and even found a new love interest. Her name isn't important, because they never are. Anyway, Airman XXXXXX was all about this girl. He called me to tell me about her, how much he liked her, but how she would tell him "Okay, we'll date, but I want to go sleep with this guy before he's deployed". I'm not sure how that makes her a reputable person, but to each their own.

Anyway, I kept telling Airman XXXXXX to leave it because no girl who is like that is going to ever change. She's going to continue to play games and trick him into situations, but why listen to me? I'm just saying those things because I want to be with him.

Spoiler alert, he didn't listen. No matter how many times he said he wasn't going to hang out with her, Airman XXXXXX somehow always ended up around her. He blamed it on having the same friends and the base he was at being small, but we all know that wasn't the case even in the slightest. He'd call me to complain about her, and then send me pictures of them together. Let me tell you, I loved that for me.

Anyway, one day he tells me he needs to call me and I was like "Alright bet" because he never keeps to those promises. This time he did, and the story blew my ever loving mind.

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