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An Ode to 2020

So just like everyone else, I had a fabulous 2020. Here are some of my favorite memories that weren't captured in the previous posts:

  1. My dog died right after Thanksgiving. Any one who has ever gotten to be loved by Harley knows that undoubtably that he was the best dog in so many unexplainable ways. So that was a real bummer.

  2. I graduated undergrad with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education (#humblebrag). Then, immediately after I had a massive mental breakdown and applied to grad school for educational psychology. I've spent my savings for an apartment on tuition (goals, am I right?).

  3. I got hired at a charter school (it's like a public private school. We don't follow state regulations because we receive grants and private funding, but the grants are what make us public. We can still have caps on how many students we have though). Halfway through the year I quit because I was bullied out of my position (lol, high school never ends).

  4. I decided to work for a private school, but the gig is only full time for three months. Then after that I'm out of a job (lol, who even am I?).

  5. I lied my way through a heartbreak, because I was like "If I ignore the problem, it'll go away." Apparently that's not how it works, and it sent me off the deep end (but what else is new?).


Regardless of everything that's happened though, I can honestly say that I've grown throughout this year and I've learned so much, such as:

  1. Standing up for yourself and not following everyone makes you the stronger person than those who stay quiet - and no matter the consequences, YOU come out the stronger person. People will continue to recognize your worth and you shouldn't be scared to conform to rules because "that's just how it goes".

  2. No matter how much you love someone or something, if the surrounding circumstances are making you question yourself, your morality, or pushing your mental health it's okay to leave. It doesn't mean you love them/it any less than you do, it just means that you're choosing to love yourself - which is the one thing that matters in this lifetime. If you don't love yourself, or choose your morals over other's, or don't listen to what your body needs, you're always going to be compromising yourself and at then you're no longer who YOU inspired to be.

  3. The change you want to see has to start with you. You can't give up on a dream or a change just because no one is going to listen to you. Most people suck, and that's something you can't control. All you can control is make the choices to see the change that you want to see, as cliche as that sounds.

Just remember to smile and be proud of all that you accomplished as the end of the year approaches. This year was terrible for everyone, but regardless of that, what can you be thankful for? What have you accomplished?

Sorry this wasn't a juicy ass post Seth, but fuck off. It was still beautifully written.


Until next year.

"You are beautiful. For you are fearful. And wonderfully made."

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